Automatic Bill Payments for your Business

Automatic Bill Payments for your Business

Pay all of your business’ bills with one automated tool

Extract, code, approve & pay bills from one place via EFT or BPAY. Streamline your business' bill payment process today.

Automatic bill payments

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Everything you need to pay your bills in one automated tool

Automatic Batch Payments

Automatic Batch Payments

Approval Rules and Routing

Approval Rules and Routing

Invoice Forwarding Email Addresses

Invoice Forwarding Email Addresses

OCR Invoice Extraction

OCR Invoice Extraction

Coming Soon
Automatic Remittance Advices

Automatic Remittance Advices

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Duplicate Bill Handling

Duplicate Bill Handling

Powerful Accounting Integrations

Powerful Accounting Integrations

Pay with BPAY

Pay with BPAY

Automatic batch payments

Say goodbye to ABA files with automatic batch payments

Set a scheduled payment date and let DiviPay automatically pay your business' bills for you with BPAY or EFT. Optimise your cashflow, keep your suppliers on-side and eliminate ABA files for good.

Build an approval workflow that is as unique as your company

Create your dream approval process with a simple automatic billing workflow builder. Automate which bills need approval with triggers based on suppliers, invoice amount, budget and more.

Automate which bills need approval with triggers based on suppliers, invoice amount, budget and more.
OCR invoices for accounts payable bills

Automatically extract invoice data

Give your suppliers a unique email address to send your invoices to and watch as DiviPay turns them into fully coded bills. Never manually enter invoice data again and save hours with our invoice automation software.

Unlock the frontline to pay company bills

Keep track of your business’ bills and payments by letting your staff process their own bill payments and stay in control from afar with budgets, approval rules and a real-time bill tracker. Get notified about anything that needs attention.

Invoice budgets, approval rules and a real-time bill tracker
Complete visibility over your expenses

See the full picture. In real-time.

DiviPay brings your business' bills together with your virtual corporate card payments, giving you complete visibility over your expenses. Real-time reports ensure you can answer any question any time.

Works seamlessly with all accounting software

Integrate in a few clicks and watch as bills are automatically created and progressed to payment in real-time.

Myob Integration
Netsuite Integration
Quickbooks Integration
Xero Integration
Sage Integration
Microsoft Dynamics Integration
Reckon Integration
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How does Automatic Bill Payments work?

  1. Provide your suppliers with your unique DiviPay email forwarding address
  2. When an invoice is sent by a supplier, DiviPay will extract the invoice details via OCR and create a bill in both DiviPay and your accounting software
  3. The bill is forwarded to the relevant staff members for review and approval
  4. Once the bill is approved it is paid on the scheduled date automatically by DiviPay
  5. Your accounting software will stay in sync with DiviPay as your bills progress

How do I stay in control of bill payments?

Like payments made with DiviPay’s virtual corporate cards, any auto bill payment is controlled via budgets. You can assign who has access to bills by adding it as a payment type to specific budgets. Additionally, bills payments will only process successfully if they are under the budget limit.

How accurate is the OCR invoice extraction?

DiviPay’s OCR is able to extract invoice data at 90%+ accuracy.

How much does Automatic Bill Payments cost?

Automatic Bill Payments costs just $8.00 per month plus a small amount per invoice paid. There are no user fees, so any employee can pay the company’s bills. You can learn more about our pricing here.

How can I automatically pay my business' bills online?

You can automatically pay your business' bills online with DiviPay's expense management software. Once the bill is approved by a manager, it’s automatically scheduled to be paid on the selected date.

What is automated invoice processing?

Automated invoice processing is a method of using automation software, such as DiviPay, to extract, code, approve & pay invoices from one place. Effectively used, automated invoice processing can save you time. DiviPay’s OCR is able to extract invoice data at 90%+ accuracy.

Does DiviPay support BPAY?

Yes DiviPay allows you to pay your bill via BPAY using a Biller Code and Payment Reference.

Set your business' bills to auto-pilot today

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