What is DiviPay and how does it work?

DiviPay is a digital wallet that allows groups to create shared accounts instantly. DiviPay generates unique virtual card numbers for every shared account you create. Each member of the group will contribute funds to the shared account which can be spent online or in-store via the virtual Mastercard.

How do virtual cards work?

DiviPay virtual cards work just like a prepaid MasterCard, a balance is loaded onto the card and transaction limits can be applied. DiviPay virtual cards can be a single use card, the card will be deactivated after a single payment.

What is the DiviPay app and when can I download it?

The DiviPay app will be released shortly. Create an account at www.divipay.com and you will be notified as soon as we launch the app. In the meantime, you can use our web based beta version to create groups, generate cards and make online purchases.

When can I use Apple and Android Pay with DiviPay?

We are currently finalising negotiations to offer you the full experience and integrate mobile payments into the DiviPay app. To make a payment in-store simply tap your phone on the payment terminal.

How many groups can I create?

Unlimited, create as many groups as you would like!

How do I load funds onto my DiviPay card?

Currently you can load your DiviPay card via a credit or debit card.

How much does it cost?

DiviPay is currently free to use.

Are there any spending limits on DiviPay?

Yes, each new DiviPay account starts with a $1,000 per day and $2,000 per month spending limit, which is subject to change. This limit takes into account total spend across all cards, including pending transactions.

Why can I create an ‘Personal’ card?

Create personal one-time use cards to protect your security and privacy when shopping online.

What happens if I generate a virtual card and don't spend all the loaded funds?

In the case you wish to withdraw remaining amounts on your virtual card we will refund the remaining balance back into your funding credit or debit card. We may automatically close cards that have been inactive for over 60 days. We will notify you via email ahead of time in this event.

How do refunds work? How long do they take?

If a merchant issues a refund, it will go directly back to your DiviPay Card. Refunds are dependent on several parties (including the merchant), so it can take several business days for a refund to appear on your card.

Please contact customerservice@divipay.com if you would like to refund any remaining balance on a DiviPay card.

What can I put as my shipping information?

Please use your own shipping address to receive anything you purchase online with a DiviPay card.

What billing name and address should I enter?

Please use your full name. If you are using a group card please use the full name of one of the group members associated with that card.

What shows up on my bank statement when I shop using DiviPay?

By default, charges will show up on your bank statement as “ASM * DIVIPAY”.

How do chargebacks work with DiviPay?

We recommend always trying to resolve the issue with the merchant prior to issuing a chargeback - merchants would almost always prefer to resolve the issue without a chargeback. In the event that you have tried to contact the merchant and have been unable to reach a resolution, you can dispute the transaction by contacting us at customerservice@divipay.com. We will act on your behalf and conduct the chargeback.

What countries are you available in?

We are currently only available in Australia and the US.