A simple solution to manage business spending

DiviPay eliminates the need for credit card sharing, reimbursements and expense reporting, giving you more control over how company money is spent.



Create budgets for your team, project, client or however you organise your business.

Spending limits

Allocate your team a pool of funds or require approval for every expense.

Card controls

Build your company's expense policy directly into the platform by locking cards to specific merchants, spending categories and amounts.


Approve top-up requests and instantly make additional funds available.

Custom approval flows

Set an approval flow and automatically route requests to the relevant manager.

Instant team setup

On and off board employees instantly by issuing or closing their virtual cards.

Accessibility and efficiency

Pay online and in-store

Pay in-store via mobile payments or use your virtual card details to checkout online.

Instant receipt capture and invoice upload

Take a photo of a receipt or upload invoices directly from our mobile app.

Automatic receipt reminders

Notifications are sent for you when a receipt or invoice hasn’t been attached.

Smart transaction categorisation

Expenses are automatically categorised using your company’s chart of accounts.

Auto complete tax information

GST and FBT tools ensure you stay on top of your tax obligations.

Visibility and reporting

Simple reporting dashboard

Identify key insights and make data-driven expense decisions.

Audit trail

Identify key insights and make data-driven expense decisions.

Real time notifications

Get notified about key expense activity right when you need it.

Reconciliation and accounting

Accounting integrations

Connect your preferred accounting software with a single click.

Data exports

Export your data into the format that works best for your business.

Chart of accounts mapping

Import your existing accounting, project and client codes in a few clicks.

Automatic reconciliation

Automatically push data through to your accounting software for instant reconciliation.


Virtual cards

Freeze or delete a virtual card that has been compromised and instantly replace it with a new one.

Subscription management

Use a new virtual card for every subscription service. If a card expires or is compromised simply switch it out.

Two step authentication

Stop other people accessing your account even if they know your password.

Fraud monitoring

Suscpicous transactions and activity are instantly flagged for review.