G Suite Rewards

G Suite Rewards

G Suite Rewards

DiviPay has partnered with Google G Suite to help your business grow.

G Suite discounts with DiviPay

20% off the first year on G Suite Business plan

Do your best work, all in one suite. G Suite includes Gmail business email, Docs word processing, Drive cloud storage, Calendar shareable calendars, Meet video conferencing, and more.

How to claim your G Suite Reward

To take advantage of this offer you will need to first sign up to DiviPay. Once you have a DiviPay account you can access rewards directly from the web application.

You will receive
20% off the first year of G Suite

A rewards program that helps your business grow

As a DiviPay user you will get exclusive access to a rotating set of our partner deals. DiviPay partners with leading software providers, co-working spaces and professional services to give to you access to offers that hold genuine value for growing your business.

View the Rewards Terms and Conditions here

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How do I access the DiviPay rewards program?

DiviPay rewards can be accessed by team admins via the DiviPay web portal. Simply browse a reward and click for detail on how to redeem the offer.

How is the DiviPay rewards program different from my credit card points?

DiviPay rewards give you a real monetary value that you can use to save on popular tools and services that you already use in the day to day running of your business. Unlike your credit card points you are not rewarded based on spending volume, instead you will get access immediately after signing up to DiviPay to take advantage of the full suite of rewards on offer.

How do I redeem the DiviPay rewards?

DiviPay rewards are redeemed differently depending on the particular partner offer. Most commonly you will either be provided with a unique discount code to be applied when signing up to a partner product, or you will be reimbursed the reward amount as soon as an applicable transaction with the reward partner has occurred.

How does the Divipay virtual card work?

DiviPay’s virtual cards work the same way plastic cards do, the only difference is that the virtual cards live on your phone instead of your wallet. The DiviPay virtual Mastercard is a reloadable prepaid card that can be used anywhere online or in-store that Mastercard is accepted. To use your DiviPay cards you need to first have funds available in your DiviPay account.

Does DiviPay replace my corporate credit card program?

Yes, the DiviPay virtual card will replace your corporate credit card program. With DiviPay you can control your spending before it happens. Create budgets, control limits, make payments, review spending and automate reporting with DiviPay’s simple expense software.

Why should I choose DiviPay over my AMEX corporate card?

Unlike AMEX, DiviPay allows you to set granular spending controls on a card by card basis, while real time reporting and automatic expense categorisation saves you hours of administrative work. DiviPay also provides you with a budgeting tool to better understand and analyse your company’s spending.