Virtual Preloaded Cards & Expense Tracking for Startups

Virtual Preloaded Cards & Expense Tracking for Startups

The only expense card built for Australian startups

Trusted by Australia’s fastest growing startups

Rated 5 stars on the Xero marketplace
DiviPay's smart expense cards

Issue cards at startup speed

Instantly issue an unlimited amount of virtual corporate cards online 24/7. Spend time on your startup not on bank visits and paperwork.

Access exclusive rewards that help your startup grow

Save thousands of dollars with exclusive rewards from AWS, Canva, G Suite and more. Claim rewards when you need them, not when you spend.

DiviPay's exclusive rewards and discounts
DiviPay's virtual cards for subscriptions

Get in control of your subscriptions

Create a new virtual card for each subscription and cancel cards when free-trials try to roll-over. Track subscription burn with easy-to-read charts and metrics.

Impress Angels and VCs with your financial governance

Ensure your company only spends on what matters with weekly, monthly and annual budgets. Control your cash burn and get investor-ready.

DiviPay's budgets and card limits

Works seamlessly with all accounting software

Integrate in a few clicks, watch as transactions and receipts are automatically imported in real-time.

Myob Integration
Netsuite Integration
Quickbooks Integration
Xero Integration
Sage Integration
Microsoft Dynamics Integration
Reckon Integration
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What is DiviPay?

DiviPay is an all-in-one spend management tool that helps Australian SMEs instantly issue virtual corporate cards, control spending and automate their expense reporting. DiviPay comes with everything you'll need to streamline and control company spending.

In our easy-to-use web and mobile app you'll find instant virtual corporate cards, card controls and budgeting, a real-time transaction feed, automated expense reports, powerful accounting integrations, and subscription spending management.

Can I test out DiviPay before making any commitments?

Yes, we offer a 14 day free-trial to help you assess if the tool is right for your business. If you are happy with DiviPay just keep using it and you will roll-over into your standard billing cycle once your free-trial is over. If DiviPay isn’t the right fit for you, just get in touch with our customer service team and we’ll help you close your account and transfer any remaining funds back to you.

Does DiviPay replace my traditional corporate card program?

Yes, the DiviPay virtual card will replace your corporate credit card program. With DiviPay you can control your spending before it happens. Create budgets, control limits, make payments, review spending and automate reporting with DiviPay’s simple expense software.

How do I load funds into my DiviPay account?

Because DiviPay’s virtual cards work like a prepaid expense card you will need to top-up your DiviPay account balance before spending. If your bank is NPP (New Payments Platform) enabled, your transfers will be almost immediate, otherwise, any funds transferred into your account balance before 4pm will settle on the same day. Direct debited funds will take between 3-5 working days to settle in your account balance.

What is a budget and how does it control business expenses?

With DiviPay you can create weekly, monthly or one-off budgets for teams, departments, projects or however you think about expenses in your business. Assigned staff members can then access the budget limit via their DiviPay virtual cards, providing you with a layer of control between your overall account balance and card holders. Once spending takes place you can track and analyse budget progress from a simple overview.

How is the DiviPay rewards program different from my credit card points?

DiviPay rewards give you a real monetary value that you can use to save on popular tools and services that you already use in the day to day running of your business. Unlike your credit card points you are not rewarded based on spending volume, instead you will get access immediately after signing up to DiviPay to take advantage of the full suite of rewards on offer.

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DiviPay made it easy to issue a unique virtual payment card loaded with an end of year bonus to every employee in Australia.

From a single platform, we’ve been able to instantly issue more than 800 cards across the country and set a card limit for each employee to spend against.

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