Staff Expense Reimbursement Software

Staff Expense Reimbursement Software

Seamlessly reimburse out of pocket expenses for your staff

Process out of pocket expenses faster with DiviPay’s expense reimbursement software.

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Happier staff with easy and automatic staff reimbursements

DiviPay's powerful automated expense reimbursement software means you can process out of pocket expenses faster. Quickly pay back your staff directly from the DiviPay platform into their bank account so that they are never left out of pocket.

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Submit staff reimbursements on the go

Create an expense report directly from the mobile expense management app, snap a photo of the receipt and our OCR technology will do the rest.

Automatically enforce your expense policy

Staff expenses are only submitted for approval if they pass your pre-defined expense policy. All your employees are required to do is submit a receipt, and then their information will be routed to the right approvers. No need for manual expense reimbursement forms.

Centralise all your business expenses

Save time by consolidating and managing all of your business expenses with our all-in-one expense management tool. A single platform for all staff spending, including; reimbursements, card transactions and bill payments.

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How does our expense reimbursement software work?

  1. Enter expense details in DiviPay for any out of pocket expense you make.
  2. DiviPay will create a bill in your accounting software.
  3. The reimbursement is forwarded to the relevant staff members for review and approval
  4. Once the reimbursement is approved it will be paid on the scheduled date automatically by DiviPay
  5. Your accounting software will stay in sync with DiviPay as your reimbursements progress.

How do I stay in control of expense reimbursements?

Like payments made with DiviPay’s virtual corporate cards, reimbursement expenses are controlled via budgets. You can assign who has access to reimbursements by adding it as a payment type to the staff member. Requests for reimbursements get routed to the right approver and will only be processed after it has been approved. Additionally, reimbursement payments will only process successfully if they are under the budget limit. DiviPay's reimbursement management software will help you to implement your expense reimbursement policy securely and efficiently.

How much does DiviPay's employee reimbursement software cost?

Our employee expense reimbursements features is free, with no additional fees. You can learn more about our pricing here.

What is an example of an expense reimbursement?

You may have an employee who doesn't typically make business purchases, but needs to make a one-off payment, perhaps for an unexpected office item. This employee could then be reimbursed via DiviPay's employee expense reimbursement software.

What type of expenses can be reimbursed?

You choose what expenses you want to reimburse according to your reimbursement policy. Employee expense reimbursement might include office supplies, subscriptions, travel, customer entertainment, etc. You might also use DiviPay reimbursements for independent contractor expense reimbursement or vehicle expense reimbursement.

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