Real-Time Business Expense Tracker

Real-Time Business Expense Tracker

Review business expenses in real-time. Not 2 days later.

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Don't wait a couple of days to see who made what transaction. With DiviPay, a data-rich transaction feed is running in real-time.

Powerful search

Powerful search

Find specific transactions with powerful search.

Smart filtering

Smart filtering

Filter by person, date, category, and more.

Customised exports

Customised exports

Export CSVs, PDFs and tax invoices for reconciliation and audits.

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How long does it take for transactions to appear in DiviPay?

Transactions will appear in DiviPay’s transaction feed the moment a staff member has made a payment with their virtual card. There is no time-delay, allowing you to review any spending with real-time transaction tracking.

How do I review transactions in DiviPay’s transaction feed?

DiviPay’s transaction feed is part of our expense tracker app, and has been set up to make reviewing transactions quick and easy. Each transaction has a status (incomplete or complete) and can be filtered by time, person, category, budget and more. With simple filters, the DiviPay expense management system allows you to narrow your focus and quickly review any transactions that need further attention.

Will I be able to review receipts and tax invoices for every transaction?

Yes, by clicking open a transaction you will be able to see the relevant tax invoice for any final reviews and updates.

Can I export my transactions out of DiviPay’s expense management software?

Yes, all transactions can be filtered by any time period and then exported as a CSV or a PDF statement. You can also export the associated tax invoices from DiviPay.

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Divipay is something we are trying to get all our clients setup with who are using corporate cards, some of the reasons are it’s easy to use for staff - we are now receiving 90% of the receipts for our reconciliation purposes and Divipay’s automated feed provides real time information on all expenditure.

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Review business expenses in real-time with transaction tracking

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