Business Expense Management Software

Business Expense Management Software

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Automate your expense management process. Gain real-time visibility into all transactions. Save up to 90% of admin time.

Business Expense Management Software

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Automatically code transactions to your chart of accounts

Automatically code transactions to your chart of accounts

Using Mastercard data, DiviPay’s expense management software automatically codes business expenses to your chart of accounts so you get accurate reports without overwhelming staff members.

Collect every receipt with better business expense tracking

DiviPay makes receipt capture frictionless. Snap photos of receipts via our app’s camera or drag and drop invoices online. You’ll see dramatically improved business expense tracking compliance straight away.

Capture transaction receipts
Online expense management

Build your own expense report

Switch on descriptions in your expense management system to understand why a transaction was made. Collect attendees to manage FBT or track spending against client names or job numbers with custom fields.

Let automatic reminders do your follow ups

DiviPay automatically sends reminders at the right time to get outstanding expense reports complete without you having to follow up.

Remind employees to complete expense reports
Create categorisation rules to automate expenses to your chart of accounts

Create categorisation rules on-the-fly

Build custom categories for your merchants. Creating categorisation rules automates coding changes for future transactions so you never have to make the same change twice.

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Can my staff take photos of receipts using DiviPay?

Yes, the DiviPay expense manager app has a built-in camera that all staff members can use when uploading a receipt or tax invoice into an expense report. DiviPay’s camera uses OCR technology to extract the GST amount directly from the receipt.

Can I customise my expense report fields?

Yes, you can completely customise the expense report each staff member will be required to complete when making a payment. You can set up description fields, attendee fields, and custom fields to track against any other unique business codes like project codes, client names or job numbers. This gives you complete control over your expense management system.

Can I import my chart of accounts and tracking categories into DiviPay’s expense management software?

Yes, your chart of accounts and tracking categories can be imported into DiviPay so that they can be coded against each transaction within an expense report.

Can my team and I update expense data ourselves?

Yes, DiviPay’s transaction feed has been set up to make reviewing and updating expense data quick and easy. You will be able to review all tax invoices and receipts in detail and can create rules for any changes you make so that you never have to make the same update twice.

Are expense reports mandatory to complete?

All transactions made with a DiviPay virtual card require a corresponding expense report to be complete. The DiviPay expense management system ensures that you get the information you need for your reporting.

Will receipts and tax invoices sync into my accounting software?

Yes, receipts and tax invoices will automatically import into your accounting software so you can reference the source document in your own system.

What is expense management software?

Expense management software helps businesses to manage and track their expenses without the need for manual processes, paper receipts and handwritten notes. By using expense management software to track and monitor employee spending, budgets and reporting, you can speed up the expense management process, save time, reduce errors and approve reimbursements faster.

What is the best way to track business expenses?

Business expense tracking is easiest when you automate as much of the process as possible.

Which is the best expense manager app?

The best expense manager app is the one that saves you time while automating budgeting, financial reporting, controlling team spending and replacing the need for different tools or subscriptions.

What is the easiest way to track business expenses?

Checking your account history and using expense management software or an app can help you start tracking your business’ expenses.

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We've recently started using DiviPay to manage our staff finances and we are loving it. Previously I was spending 8-10 hours a month organising receipts, checking them and changing all the payments. Now, it takes me 1 hour a month. One of the best things is that staff aren't out of pocket for 3-4 weeks waiting for a reimbursement, and it's much easier for them to see how they are going with their balances and what they have to use.

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