Card controls and budgeting
Card controls and budgeting

Control spending before it happens. Stay on-budget.

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Create rules that control spending before it happens

  • Create weekly, monthly or one-time-only card limits

  • Set maximum transaction size limits

  • Lock cards to approved merchants

Track budgets in real-time

  • Create weekly, monthly or one-off budgets for teams, departments, projects and more.

  • Track budget progress in real-time from a simple overview.

  • Analyse historical budget progress and understand if you’re in-line with forecasts.

Manage card limits effortlessly

  • Request limit increases on-the-go via our mobile app.

  • Approve requests on-the-go or from your desk and instantly increase card limits.

  • Top-up card limits ahead of time with the click of a button.

Approve spending as it happens

  • Create seamless approval workflows that suit your processes.

  • Easily mark transactions as approved for hand-over to another department.

  • Filter and export approved transactions into a CSV for reconciliation.

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How does DiviPay help me control my team's spending?

With DiviPay you can program your expense policy directly into your team’s virtual cards. You can customise spending rules per budget and lock cards to specific merchants, spending categories and amounts.

What controls can I set on the virtual cards that I issue?

With DiviPay you can program your expense policy into each card by creating weekly, monthly or one-time-only card limits, setting maximum transaction size limits and locking cards to approved merchants.

What is a budget and how does it control business expenses?

With DiviPay you can create weekly, monthly or one-off budgets for teams, departments, projects or however you think about expenses in your business. Assigned staff members can then access the budget limit via their DiviPay virtual cards, providing you with a layer of control between your overall account balance and card holders. Once spending takes place you can track and analyse budget progress from a simple overview.

How do I approve business expenses using DiviPay?

DiviPay allows you to pre-approve a specific limit to be spent or approve requests for funds from your staff. Set up a budget to give your staff access to a pre-approved limit or approve your staff’s requests for funds from the web and mobile app. You will be notified via email and push notifications when requests need to be approved.

Can I set-up my own approval flow?

Yes, using “manager-only” custom fields you can re-create your current approval flow by allowing managers to review and then mark a transaction as approved before handing it off to another team for additional approval.

Do I need to approve every transaction?

No, DiviPay allows for a flexible level of control. When creating a budget you can allocate a pre-approved limit to team members for them to spend from. However, if you’d like to approve every expense this can be done by setting a $0.00 card limit for each card holder.

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DiviPay provides budget expenditure control however it’s also flexible enough for me to quickly review/approve any one-off additional spending requirements made by our staff.

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