What is DiviPay and how does it help me make split payments?

DiviPay is a mobile app that enables groups of people to create a shared virtual bank card. Each member of the group loads money onto the virtual card which can be spent online or in-store.

How do virtual cards work?

Virtual cards work just like a pre-paid debit card. Simply load funds onto your card and start spending, you can top up your card as many times as you like. With the virtual card, you can set transaction limits and lock cards to specific merchants.

When can I download the DiviPay app?

The DiviPay app will be released shortly. Create an account at www.divipay.com and you will be notified as soon as we launch the app. In the meantime, you can use our web based beta version to create groups, generate cards and make online purchases.

Why can I create a ‘Personal’ card?

Create personal one-time use or reloable cards to protect your security and privacy when shopping online.

How does DiviPay keep me safe when shopping online?

Using a DiviPay card for online purchases means you never expose your personal bank card details to online merchants. See below for how DiviPay keeps you safe whilst shopping online.

An added layer of security for regular purchases

Create a DiviPay card for purchases you make frequently at trusted merchants. If this card ever becomes compromised your personal bank details are not exposed and you can simply delete the associated DiviPay card.

Single use cards for new or foreign purchases

Create a single use DiviPay card if you are shopping with a new merchant for the first time or don’t entirely trust the website. A single use card will be closed upon completion of the first transaction and cannot be used again. This means after your first transaction the merchant will not have access to any of your active payment information.

Subscription Services

Use a DiviPay card when signing up for subscription services. The DiviPay cards puts you in control, by setting the total limit for each transaction you ensure you will never be charged more than expected. With a DiviPay card you also have the ability to stop or pause the card at any time, meaning the service provider won’t continue to charge you for a service you no longer want. If you only want to trial the service or want a single subscription item you can use a DiviPay single use card, meaning the merchant won’t be able to charge you again after the first transaction.

How do I load funds onto my DiviPay card?

When you download DiviPay you will be asked to link your personal debit or credit card. To add funds to a group card simply enter the amount you would like to add via the add funds button.

How many groups can I create?

As many groups as you would like!

How do I make split payments online?

Buying things online with a DiviPay group card works the same as your usual bank card. Simply enter the Card Number, Expiry Data and CVC number displayed on your group card at the check-out page. You can use any of the group members name and address for the name and address fields.

How do I make split payments in-store

Pressing the Apple Pay logo or Android Pay logo on the Pay Now page of the app will link you through to Apple/Android Pay on your device. You will see your selected DiviPay card loaded, from there, all you have to do is tap your phone on the merchant’s payment terminal.

When can I use Apple and Android Pay with DiviPay?

We are currently working hard to offer you the full experience and integrate mobile payments into the DiviPay app. We will let you know as soon as mobile payments become available.

Who uses DiviPay?

DiviPay is used by groups both big and small. Groups are generally made up of 2-4 people, however we’ve seen groups as big as 50 people! DiviPay is great for roommates, friendship groups, sports teams, couples, families, work colleagues, university groups and more.

What things do groups buy with DiviPay?

Groups are using DiviPay to pay for dinner, drinks, Netflix accounts, flights, accommodation, birthday presents, rent, internet bills, groceries and much, much more. Name a bill or expense and you can bet that people have used DiviPay to pay for it.

Can I create a group with myself only?

Yes. Simply create a new group and don’t invite anyone else. Individual virtual cards can be created to protect your security and privacy whilst shopping online.

How do I know that I can trust DiviPay?

DiviPay takes security very seriously, our virtual card is supported by Mastercard security processes. We also we use PCI-DSS level 1 compliant payment providers to ensure your details are always safe.

Can someone in my group make a payment without me knowing?

No, you will always be notified when a payment using your group card is made. You can also set a number of controls on a group level basis, placing transaction limits and approvals for all purchases.

How much does it cost?

DiviPay is currently free to use.

Are there limits on how much money I can load to DiviPay?

Yes, at the moment each user can only store $1,000 on DiviPay at any one time. This means that a group with 5 members can only load a maximum of $5,000 onto a single card.

Are there any spending limits?

No there is no limit on the amount you can spend, as long as you do not store more than a $1,000 at any one time.

How do I withdraw my money if I want to leave a group?

Your portion of the remaining group balance will be transferred back to your funding source when you leave a group. You can find the leave group option via the settings button on each group card.

What happens if I generate a virtual card and don't spend all of the loaded funds?

In the case you wish to withdraw remaining amounts on your virtual card we will deposit the balance back onto your funding card. We may automatically close cards that have been inactive for over 60 days. So, you’ll get your money back even if you forget to ask for a refund. We will notify you via email ahead of time in this event.

How do refunds work if I return a product or service I bought using DiviPay? How long do they take?

If a merchant issues a refund, it will go directly back to your DiviPay Card. Refunds are dependent on several parties (including the merchant), so it can take several business days for a refund to appear on your card. Please contact customerservice@divipay.com if you would like to refund any remaining balance on a DiviPay card to your funding card.

What billing name and address should I enter when making online purchases?

If you are using a group card please use the full name of one of your group members associated with that card.

What shows up on my bank statement when I shop using DiviPay?

By default, charges will show up on your bank statement as “ASM * DIVIPAY ‘group-name’".

How do chargebacks work with DiviPay?

We recommend always trying to resolve the issue with the merchant prior to issuing a chargeback - merchants would almost always prefer to resolve the issue without a chargeback. In the event that you have tried to contact the merchant and have been unable to reach a resolution, you can dispute the transaction in contacting us at customerservice@divipay.com. We will act on your behalf and conduct the chargeback.

What countries are you available in?

We are currently only available for download in Australia. However, you can use your DiviPay cards anywhere in the world. We offer you a zero percent exchange fee so you can make purchases around the world in the local currency at a great rate!

Do I select debit or credit card when making a purchase?

When prompted select credit.