How Jigsaw OOSH saved over $10,000 on admin in just one year with DiviPay

With Julie Jarry, Accountant
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Jigsaw OOSH provides before and after school care on school grounds. They support families with their work/ life balance while providing children with engaging play and learning activities to stimulate their personal development. Jigsaw OOSH oversees nine centers, each of which operates independently and vary in size.


New South Wales, Australia


After School Care

Expense Challenges

  • The finance team and center supervisors had a lack of visibility over credit card spending.
  • Tedious chasing of receipts for expense management and accountability.
  • Expense reporting without proof of purchase
  • Center spending over their allocated monthly budget. 
  • Difficult to set spending limits on traditional corporate cards.

The Challenge

Jigsaw OOSH were spending hours each week chasing expenses to reconcile with their accounting software.

Jigsaw OOSH is committed to providing the most engaging and educational care possible. Making their services the best they can be requires effective time management and budget allocation. Managing the expenses of nine independent centers across NSW is no easy feat. Nominated supervisors need to regularly purchase food, classroom supplies, toys and activities for their respective centers. With each center responsible for their own credit card, keeping on top of invoices and receipts was cumbersome and exhausting. Using this outdated expense management system, the Financial Controller (Jigsaw OOSHs accountant) found her team spending hours each week chasing up expenses to reconcile within (their) accounting software. 

Sharing a single credit card across a number of users in each center caused a lack of visibility. Some centers were exhausting their allocated monthly budget before months end, having to wait for the next month to be topped up. Enforcing the company expense policy was a cumbersome, hands-on, manual task for the Financial Controller. Each center had its own digital filing system and employees were expected to diligently upload receipts and invoices into those files. Even when employees were diligent the Financial Controller would have to search through each independent filing system to ensure accountability. 

The Solution

DiviPay expense management and corporate card tool

The Financial Controller understood that some fundamental change was required to take control of expense management and provide all budget stakeholders with visibility across corporate card spend. In 2020, she began researching alternative solutions to the traditional corporate credit card model and was immediately relieved when she found DiviPay. 

DiviPay provided an all-in-one solution that had a remedy for all of the issues that the Financial Controller faced. Expense controls from her DiviPay dashboard are directly linked to the Jigsaw OOSH centers expense policy, alongside the ability to track expenses against individual employees in each center. DiviPay made expense management at Jigsaw OOSH a far smoother, seamless process.

The implementation of DiviPay came at a critical time for Jigsaw OOSH, allowing them to address crucial issues whilst upgrading to a digital cloud based solution. Jigsaw OOSH’s favourite feature is that instead of using physical plastic cards, DiviPay’s virtual corporate cards are accessible from employees' mobile phones. A new user can be created and funds allocated and accessible in as little as five minutes. DiviPay ensured the transition from a traditional corporate card model was fast, painless and with minimal disruption to the business.

“There is a massive difference between the time I used to spend before and the time I'm spending now. I'm now spending 75% less time ensuring our books accurately reflect the expenses of the NSW centers.”

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The Result

The time saved in accounting hours alone equates to an estimated $10,000+ over the course of their first year with Divipay

According to the Financial Controller, after implementing Divipay, the results have been immediately apparent. “There is a massive difference between the time I used to spend before and the time i'm spending now.” The Financial Controller is now spending 75% less time ensuring their books accurately reflect the expenses of the 9 Jigsaw OOSH centers across NSW. Each of their centers is now equipped to engage completely with their budget, independently and transparently. 

“Expense management is now easier” because center supervisors and leaders can view their spend on the DiviPay app and desktop. They can see every transaction made and attach receipts using photographs from their phone. Since implementing DiviPay the Financial Controller has not had to respond to any additional requests for food and classroom supplies because centers can track their spend precisely in real-time. 

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“When a center has a Purchase Order for something that needs approval from the General Manager, for example a laptop or storage, the request is made through DiviPay and the GM is notified immediately”. The newfound independence and transparency has increased trust, improved communication and reduced costly errors. The time saved in accounting hours alone equates to an estimated $10,000+ over the course of their first year with Divipay.

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