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Welcome Transform LogiQ - DiviPay’s Newest Certified Partner

Transform LogIQ is a digital transformation specialist. We recently spoke with founder Broderick Smith about the upcoming trends they are seeing in technology and digitisation for SMEs.

October 12, 2020By Cale BulginRead Article →

New in DiviPay: Access Exclusive Rewards

DiviPay customers can now access thousands of dollars of exclusive discounts from Google, Canva, AWS and more with the launch of DiviPay Rewards.

September 24, 2020By Allya SyahrudiRead Article →

How to manage your businesses software subscriptions

With DiviPay you can create a new virtual card for each subscription and cancel or pause cards with the click of a button. Any inefficient subscription spending is surfaced in real-time through a clear subscription register and a set of easy-to-read charts and metrics.

August 27, 2020By Nick RobertsNick RobertsRead Article →