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The 3 Must Use Tools For Tech-Savvy Accountants in 2021

Patrick Sargeat, Tech Innovator Of The Year, shares his must have tools to run an accounting practice in 2021

August 19, 2021By Trent McLarenRead Article →

‘Accounting Tech Innovator of the Year’ shares secrets to success.

We catch up with the industry's best, to offer the number one, been-there-done-that, advice to building a strong accounting & bookkeeping business.

August 11, 2021By Trent McLarenRead Article →

What is a Virtual Corporate Card?

Gone are the days where money jangled in your pocket or you would nervously pat that satisfying wad of cash in your pocket. The plastic card entered our world and sparked much debate. But just as swiftly as we became comfortable with plastic cards - the next generation was born.

August 04, 2021By Adriana AmatoRead Article →

How to motivate your staff to work when all you have is Zoom

Worried about workplace culture? Seeing the staff get a little despondent and unenthused with the whole work-from-home thing? It’s difficult to inspire a collaborative workplace culture when no-one is in the office. Check out our 3 top tips to help spice up the excitement of working remote from your colleagues!

August 04, 2021By Adriana AmatoRead Article →

What you might not know about Job Saver small business grants

We catch up with leading bookkeeping expert and trusted MYOB small business trainer on 3 things you should be aware of on 'Job Saver' and whether it's available to you. Read more information here.

August 03, 2021By Trent McLarenRead Article →

Meet the DiviPay Engineer: Matthew Egan

Meet our lead engineer, Matthew Egan. Matt has a passion for open-source software and in particular, its use in the global software ecosystem. He has been with DiviPay for over three years. We hope his story will inspire you to come and join our team.

July 16, 2021By Vanvisa BrownVanvisa BrownRead Article →

Bringing your tech company expenses into the digital age

With physical company credit cards still the default for many businesses, there’s a stark contrast between the efficiency of your main finance processes and the old-school issues associated with a traditional approach to managing your expenses.

July 15, 2021By Cale BulginRead Article →

Why operating expenses are hurting your bottom line

While many operational expenses are obvious and necessary, from office rent to essential office supplies many more avoidable expenses are hidden in plain sight.

June 01, 2021By Vanvisa BrownVanvisa BrownRead Article →

Why managing expenses is killing your entire team’s productivity

Time to say goodbye to the buy now, expense later culture. For decades, the culture of buy now and expense later has become ingrained in companies across the globe. Ad-hoc verbal or email purchase approvals abound due to slow, poorly designed expense systems.

April 14, 2021By Vanvisa BrownVanvisa BrownRead Article →

How virtual corporate cards disrupt the way not-for-profits manage funds

For charitable and not-for-profit organisations, attracting donations is just the beginning. Once funds arrive, the hard work starts as they consider how best to get funds to those who need to access them the most.

March 17, 2021By Vanvisa BrownVanvisa BrownRead Article →