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The Future of eReceipts

DiviPay’s Trent McLaren explains how quickly we’ll see digital smart receipts be the norm and how this will change bookkeepers and accountants’ jobs.

October 06, 2021By Trent McLarenRead Article →

What to look for in your finances during tough times 

Worried about your company finances? Here are five tips on how to get a better understanding of your cash position to make more informed decisions into the future

October 06, 2021By Trent McLarenRead Article →

DiviPay and Slyp team up on Smart Receipts

In a move to save Australian businesses millions of dollars in lost tax deductions, fintech innovators DiviPay and Slyp have launched an Australian-first partnership.

September 28, 2021By Vanvisa BrownVanvisa BrownRead Article →

Transform your bills payment process with DiviPay

The average Australian business spends 567 hours annually on general financial admin. So, imagine the difference it would make to your efficiency if you could automate your bill payments and let the software do the majority of the heavy lifting.

September 28, 2021By Vanvisa BrownVanvisa BrownRead Article →

Employee expense abuse is still happening everywhere

The way businesses manage workplace expenses is fundamentally flawed, with over 10% of transactions falling outside of company expense policy. An ingrained buy now, expense later culture continues to cost organisations millions of dollars each year.

September 24, 2021By Ben GrossbergBen GrossbergRead Article →

Free Template: DiviPay Virtual Expense Card Policy 

If you need an expense policy to manage the use of company corporate cards or employee expense cards for your business, look no further. Our virtual corporate card template is easy to understand and implement. It’s made to work with a smart expense card, like DiviPay’s.

September 20, 2021By Cale BulginRead Article →

Meet the DiviPay Engineer: Sumit Chopra

Meet our lead engineer, Sumit Chopra. Sumit is a big fan of Steve Jobs and Apple's philosophy of keeping things as simple as possible.. He has been with DiviPay for over two years. We hope his story will inspire you to come and join our team.

September 02, 2021By Vanvisa BrownVanvisa BrownRead Article →

Bringing your agency expenses into the digital world

To run a modern, digital agency you need the tools to get the job done. So, if your agency is running the majority of its processes in the digital realm, why is your expenses process still so old school?

August 31, 2021By Vanvisa BrownVanvisa BrownRead Article →

Q&A: The Death Of Paper Based Receipts

Trent McLaren & Amy Holdsworth interview Peter Tully from Slyp on the death of paper-based receipts and what this means for the accounting and bookkeeping community.

August 25, 2021By Trent McLarenRead Article →

How to manage employee expenses for remote teams

The popularity of remote working is a trend that’s continuing to grow at pace. But when your remote team is dispersed across many locations, this can have a profound impact on your ability to manage employee expenses.

August 19, 2021By Vanvisa BrownVanvisa BrownRead Article →