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How DiviPay makes expense management easy for animal welfare charities. Mary's story...

Expense management is critical at charities like animal shelters where they can't afford to waste money, or time on unnecessary finance admin. DiviPay is an ideal solution for not-for-profit organisations wanting to maintain control and agility in their spend management.

January 20, 2022By Shandel McAuliffeRead Article →

DiviPay raises $20 million Series A to fortify its full-stack spend management suite for SMEs

DiviPay raises $20 million Series A - increased headcount, product offering and market reach to come in 2022

December 13, 2021By Shandel McAuliffeRead Article →

How can a CFO plan in an unpredictable market? Berta’s story…

It's tough for CFOs to advise their organisation when so much about the market is unpredictable right now. Understanding what her peers are up to and what can be automated is on our fictional character, Berta's mind, right now.

December 10, 2021By Shandel McAuliffeRead Article →

New report reveals 2 in 3 CFOs will reduce or maintain spend in 2022

2 in 3 CFOs to reduce or maintain spend in 2022 according to DiviPay report

December 08, 2021By Shandel McAuliffeRead Article →

Jack and Jill's reimbursement hill – who made it over?

There will always be instances where employees need to ask for reimbursements. But how can finance make sure the spending is as tightly controlled and managed after the fact, as it is with virtual cards and their pre-set budgets.

November 08, 2021By Shandel McAuliffeRead Article →

Inappropriate spending: how to avoid ridiculous expense claims

People are far more likely to ask to be reimbursed for a ridiculous expense claim, than to seek permission for these purchases ahead of time. From expensive and inappropriate entertainment to crazy travel costs, finance sees it all. But CFOs and finance leaders can avoid inappropriate spending with virtual business cards.

November 04, 2021By Shandel McAuliffeRead Article →

Do you have a budget bandit in your team?

From the exuberant spender to the careless spender, it's easy for organisations to fall prey to 'budget bandits'. But with the right tools and processes in place, CFOs and business owners can avoid this type of spender, and help employees use company money in the right way. Find out why a virtual business card, like DiviPay, is a great way to manage expenses.

October 27, 2021By Shandel McAuliffeRead Article →

DiviPay partners with accounting body CA ANZ to help prevent credit card fraud

DiviPay has launched a new partnership to help prevent credit card fraud with CAANZ

October 26, 2021By Trent McLarenRead Article →

Is your expense management process your hidden productivity killer?

How much productivity loss are you suffering, as a CFO, manually processing expense reports? And do you think your organisation would appreciate a quick way to manage expenses digitally, both on and off site? DiviPay's Cloud-based expense management system is the answer.

October 20, 2021By Shandel McAuliffeRead Article →

3 tips to mitigate risks while scaling up

With the fast pace of growing a profitable business, it’s easier than you think to get blindsided by data breaches or financial mismanagement, leaving your entire company at risk. Three of Australia’s best legal, financial and privacy experts share how to protect your business from the worst.

October 15, 2021By Ben GrossbergBen GrossbergRead Article →