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Why operating expenses are hurting your bottom line

While many operational expenses are obvious and necessary, from office rent to essential office supplies many more avoidable expenses are hidden in plain sight.

June 01, 2021By Vanvisa BrownVanvisa BrownRead Article →

Why managing expenses is killing your entire team’s productivity

Time to say goodbye to the buy now, expense later culture. For decades, the culture of buy now and expense later has become ingrained in companies across the globe. Ad-hoc verbal or email purchase approvals abound due to slow, poorly designed expense systems.

April 14, 2021By Vanvisa BrownVanvisa BrownRead Article →

How virtual corporate cards disrupt the way not-for-profits manage funds

For charitable and not-for-profit organisations, attracting donations is just the beginning. Once funds arrive, the hard work starts as they consider how best to get funds to those who need to access them the most.

March 17, 2021By Vanvisa BrownVanvisa BrownRead Article →

How DiviPay is helping not-for-profits distribute funds anywhere, instantly

In 2021, the biggest challenge affecting not-for-profit organisations probably isn’t the one that you would expect. Surprisingly, collecting donations isn’t the primary issue that charitable organisations are now facing.

February 26, 2021By Vanvisa BrownVanvisa BrownRead Article →

2020 in numbers

We've wrapped up the year that was 2020 with the key numbers that reveal how DiviPay helped businesses get through COVID.

January 14, 2021By Nick RobertsNick RobertsRead Article →

How to celebrate like Xero during the festive season at work

Companies are leveraging technology to find new, innovative ways to keep-up employee morale over the Christmas period. One such company is Xero, the small business platform, which kicked off its "Surprise and Delight" campaign in early December.

December 08, 2020By Cale BulginRead Article →

4 Ways Expense Reimbursements Hurt Your Business

A good expense management tool like DiviPay will help your staff quickly upload a receipt and record the details that surround an expense like the GST, a description and expense category. This will allow you and your accounts team to understand why an expense was made, maximise your tax claim and correctly account for expenses on your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports.

November 18, 2020By Allya SyahrudiRead Article →

Corporate card comparison - Which corporate card should you choose for your small business?

Once you break it down there are actually 3 major card types available - credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards. In this post we’ll help you understand the pros and cons of each card.

October 29, 2020By Nick RobertsNick RobertsRead Article →

Welcome Catalysis Group - DiviPay’s New Certified Partner

The Catalysis Group specialise in helping small business owners claim back time, reduce staffing costs and improve job quality. We recently spoke with founder James Cowlishaw about their business and the upcoming trends they are seeing in the accounting industry.

October 19, 2020By Cale BulginRead Article →

Welcome Transform LogiQ - DiviPay’s Newest Certified Partner

Transform LogIQ is a digital transformation specialist. We recently spoke with founder Broderick Smith about the upcoming trends they are seeing in technology and digitisation for SMEs.

October 12, 2020By Cale BulginRead Article →